About ILS

Integrated Life Systems (ILS) is a cutting-edge biotech and medical technology company that was established by former scientists and executives from well recognized life sciences organizations. Our team of experts is committed to advance the healthcare industry.

Our Mission

To provide relevant solutions to pressing challenges facing biotech and medical technologies. Solutions that are: Relevant; Unique; Profitable.

Joe Firca, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Biotech Evangelist

Over 30 years of creation of de novo R & D organizations, strategic planning, and product development. Contributed as an executive to numerous companies concerned with biotechnology and medical diagnostics, including: Abbott Laboratories, Pandex Laboratories, Baxter International- Pandex Divisions, Ophedian Pharmaceuticals, CarePoint, IVDiagnostics, BioArray Solutions, StableBody, and Nanosphere.

Joe is recipient of numerous honors, patents, and publications in the biotech and medical diagnostics with organization including: Abbott, Baxter International- Pandex Divisions, Ophedian Pharmaceuticals, and Nanosphere.

Technology valuation and transfer: Licensing Northwestern Univ. to major firms.


Folim Halaka, Ph.D.

Founder, President

Mich. State; Caltech

Monsanto Corp.; Abbott Diagnostics; Integrated Life Systems

Conceived/ Prototyped/ Patented:

  • New spectroscopy (DDLS)

  • Non-Invasive (NI) Technologies

    • NI glucose Detection

    • Cancer Cell NI Detection

  • Novel Biopurification Devices and Methods,

  • Continuous Sonication/Lysis Devices

  • DNA extraction/ PCR Assays

  • Liquid Level Sensing Instruments

  • Magnetic Mixing Instruments

  • Skin Cooling Devices

Peer-reviewed publication in X-rays scattering; Enzyme Kinetics; Novel Non-invasive Spectroscopy; etc.

Management of scientists and engineers; vendors; regulatory; QA.

W. Herbert White

Business Development

Serial entrepreneur for twenty-three startups and turnarounds in technology. Frequent speaker on entrepreneurship and technology commercialization. Positions held include Chairman, CEO, and President. Technologies include software, computer systems, biochemistry, and medical systems. Domestic and international markets addressing automation, aviation, communications, education, energy, healthcare, management, and pollution.

Among Herb’s innovations is the invention of the automotive cruise control.

Herb has been advisor to industry, government and universities on the commercialization of technology, and has been actively engaged in mentoring entrepreneurs and bringing basic discoveries successfully into the commercial marketplace.

Turnarounds include Siemens Automation, Fanuc Systems, Warwick Electronics and Motorola and smaller companies in the areas of medical informatics, avionics, and computer systems. Startups and market development include technologies from Groupe Schenider, Siemens, lnfoCare, Battelle Memorial Institute, and more than twenty startups that became part of larger companies.